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The MonarX Parkour program is specifically designed to facilitate the continued advancement of parkour through our strategic multi focus system. Our outdoors simulated environment indoors is a perfect place for dynamic & energetic kids to increase their traversing skills. Your child’s class will primarily focus on Vaulting, Rolling, Climbing, Jumping and Landing. The class will additionally focus on speed, efficiency, strength, agility, precision, flexibility, coordination, balance, and control. Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacles within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment. All parkour classes incorporate warm-up, conditioning, and strength building in addition to stations and freestyle obstacles. Find a class that suits your schedule today and let the games begin.



The MonarX X-Team, geared towards intermediate and advanced parkour and freerunning students, who are interested in being a part of the budding team and community atmosphere of parkour. Ideal for students who are eager to partake in tournaments both local and with travel and continue to build their skill set in a team atmosphere. X-team members focus on Speed, Style and Skill during their team practices and continue to build their foundational skill set during their weekly chosen class. Taught by our dynamic MonarX leaders, your X-team member will be a part of something truly unique!

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MonarX Freestyle is an ideal opportunity for those Kids or Adults who want to practice on their own. If you have taken PK classes, are an experienced Traceur, or want to Freestyle this is your chance to get into the MonarX Parkour Complex curriculum free.  Focused on building a community of traceurs and freerunning who have a safe and dynamic environment for freestyle programs such as Freestyle Open Play and Speed Course. Of course, we have trained staff to give pointers and keep you safe, but you determine your flow, or make it up as you go. If you need more assistance or aren’t sure if you are ready to take on a PK course all by yourself, Sign Up for one of our classes with an experienced MonarX Instructor to get into the swing of things.

Monarchs Referral Program 

We give thanks when a customer refers us to students by honoring them with a referral bonus. 

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